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The world’s most technologically advanced and scientifically developed adjustment instruments.


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Founded in Science

Impulse® represents a sophisticated line of research based and scientifically validated FDA Registered Class III medical devices, endorsed by the International Spine Research foundation.

Patented Technology

Patented technology with artificial intelligence enabled through intuitive thrust sensors to identify resident frequency and deliver a precise harmonic thrust while normalizing preload subjectivity.

Ease of Integration

Converting your patients/practice to Impulse adjusting, is the easiest and most transformational move you can make in the modern chiropractic arena, to improve care and your bottom line.  

Game Changer for Doctor and Patient

Impulse launched in the fall of 1999, doctors seamlessly integrated the device within their practice and quickly realized three key differences between Impulse and other mechanical adjustment instruments.

  1. Quantifiably faster more accurate adjustments.
  2. Impulse effectively addresses TMJ, the toes and everything in between.
  3. Patient experience, better results & more referrals.

Today, patented technology within Impulse IQ® is dynamically monitoring, sensing and altering the force and pulse rate to match the patient’s resident frequency in real time. Each Impulse thrust was highly calibrated and precise based on feedback from the prior thrust.  Impulse eliminates the guess work surrounding movement and stiffness revolutionizing the adjustment for both doctor and patient.

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  • Why informed practitioners are flocking to instruments adjustment
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  • Which Impulse option(s) may best serve your practice
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