The ADA Tax Credit – Impulse®

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Savvy practitioners leverage tax credits to maximize practice potential.

While the purchase of an Impulse® or IQ® adds unique differentiation to the overall practice making you more attractive to a wider patient population, these instruments also qualify for the ADA tax credit because it allows you to adjust patients who may be immobile, or confined to a wheelchair. 

There has never been a better time to take full advantage of this program.

Key Points:

ADA Tax Credit Applied to Impulse® & Impulse IQ®


“ADA” stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act. This act requires facilities to provide equal access and opportunity to persons with disabilities, including those in wheelchairs and the hearing impaired.

ADA tax credit?

A tax credit for expenditures incurred to provide access to disabled individuals.

How Much Can I Get?

Under the Internal Revenue Code section 44, an income tax credit (not just a deduction) of up to $5,000 (money in your pocket) this year. 

What Are The Qualifications?

You qualify when purchasing equipment that enables treatment of individuals with disabilities. Equipment does not have to be for the exclusive use of individuals with disabilities.

Tax Advice.

The best way to get more information on the ADA tax credit is to consult your professional tax advisor or tax accountant.

Tax Credit vs. Deduction (Understanding The Math VIDEO)

IQ® vs the Competition

 Research • Validation • Technology

The Impulse Adjusting System® was developed and refined using rigorous validation studies.

Using hi-tech accelerometers attached to the spine within live subjects, the research team collected real-time spinal motion data.

This information was used in to validate IQ’s readings for accuracy.

Result: The worlds first and ONLY Adjustment Instrument with “AI” Technology.

IQ® is the only adjusting instrument that measures the patient resident frequency at each adjustment point, between each thrust and delivers each subsequent thrust based on data collected during the adjustment.

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