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Impulse within your practice, simple and straight forward .


Practice Decisions

The key elements of a good Practice Integration Plan are founded in situational analysis.  While the size and scope of a given practice may tend to vastly differ, the three most fundamental decisions remain the same.

  1. Which instrument should I buy?
  2. Should I buy one for each doctor or each room?
  3. How do I explain this and begin treating my patients?

This page will help you answer these pressing questions.

Instrument Type

Impulse or Impulse IQ

Instrument functionality and versatility.

(Which Instrument)

Instrument Quantity

Per Doctor or Per Room

Practical use for your practice size and focus.

(How Many)


Implementation Strategy

Transition or Conversion

Considerations for practice implementation.

(Start Adjusting)

Crucial Insights Video

With Dr. Christopher J. Colloca, DC (Inventor)
Insights to help you plan your implementation.

Make the Switch

Join the thousands of chiropractors internationally who have converted their practice from manual to instrument adjusting, and experience the immediate improvement in both your hands and your adjustment accuracy.

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