Learn Impulse® Adjusting Instrument essentials in a few hours  

Join the most elite and diversified group of practitioners within the chiropractic community. With over 12,000 doctors worldwide, Impulse® Adjusting techniques are leading the industry with validated studies and real world results.

This training series has been developed to guide doctors in practical use and implementation of post-graduate chiroporactic adjusting protocols featuring Impulse instruments.

Understanding the Impulse Practice Advantage.

Practice success is often measured by patient satisfaction, individual outcomes and bottom line results. These historical metrics also determine the future.

Proficiency within the Neuromechanical System drives these metrics higher while fostering a unique Practice Advantage unlike any other adjusting method.


Impulse Adjusting is significantly more efficient with respect to shorter patient adjustment visits and faster and more predictable positive outcomes.


Impulse adjusting ushers in a wave of new treatment protocols and allows the practice to significantly expand the patient base or and retain patients that might otherwise be referred outside the practice.


Expert explanation of the process by Dr. James Gudgel, Ph.D.


Professional demonstration of the process for your reference


Apply the learned techniques into your practice the next day

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Course Information

Difficulty: Intermediate

Course Instructors

Dr. Christopher J. Colloca, DC, PhD. Dr. Christopher J. Colloca, DC, PhD. Author

For over two decades, Colloca has been an innovative leader in field of chiropractic research. In the 1990’s Chris reimagined chiropractic instrument adjusting. By the year 2001 Neuromechanical launched the Impulse line of electromechanical adjustment instruments. By 2003 Impulse emerged as a clear game changer for doctors across the globe. As Impulse reigned supremely over the completive landscape, Colloca continued his research with a team of international scientists, orthopedists, spinal surgeons, and prominent members of academia. This research ushered in a new era of mechanical adjustment with the internationally patented Impuse IQ. Today his inspiring and practical lectures centered on chiropractic research stimulate audiences around the world. Chris maintains his collaborative research efforts with some of the world’s most cutting-edge scientists and physicians abroad. Colloca’s award-winning research has culminated in over 50 journal publications. With expertise and research, you can trust Chris is an inspirational figure who passionately promotes an uplifting message to the chiropractic community. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

Dr. James Gudgel, DC. Dr. James Gudgel, DC. Author

Simply stated, Jim is a true master of instrument adjusting. He has led instrument adjusting seminars around the U.S. and abroad for the past two decades to raving audiences. Twenty-plus years later, Jim still sees over 100 visits a day in his Redwood Falls, MN clinic. With his unique training as a Physical Therapist, and as a Chiropractor, he has developed special kinematic combination adjusting procedures and has very successfully incorporated rehab into a high-volume, high collections office. He’ll personally train you how to apply the Impulse Adjusting System®, both in the lecture portions of our class and in our hands-on workshops.

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Module 1: Pelvic Area Scientific Analysis

Module 2: Pelvic Area Adjustment 



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