NMITV® streaming series.

Hosts Dr. Jason Cunningham and Neuromechanical Innovations’ Chief Operating Officer P. William Clarke discuss with distinguished guests each week the technological benefits and features of incorporating the Impulse Adjusting System® into your practice!

Recent guest, Neuromechanical’s CEO and inventor of the Impulse Adjusting System instruments, Christopher J. Colloca, DC, PhD, examined Spine-Pelvis-Hip Syndrome in the Functioning of a Total Hip Replacement.

This is yet another training series developed to guide doctors in practical use and implementation of post-graduate chiroporactic adjusting protocols featuring Impulse instruments.

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Join the most elite and diversified group of practitioners within the chiropractic community. With over 12,000 doctors worldwide, Impulse® Adjusting techniques are leading the industry with validated studies and real world results.

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